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Embrace your Female Power

It's time for the world to embrace that every woman needs a lifestyle that matches the cadence of her hormones. You don't need to try another diet, or get to the gym more, you need to understand your hormones and create a fasting lifestyle that has you living in harmony with your hormones.

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I'm ready to end metabolic dysfunction for women…are you with me?

So many of you have reached out to me, exhausted by all the diets you've tried, calories you've counted, weight loss meals that you've spent your whole Sunday afternoon making…and you're exhausted. Exhausted by not seeing results and, well, just flat out exhausted. The problem is, no one taught you how your miraculous body works. You're only taught that you need to change something on the outside in order to change something on the inside. I'm here to tell you different. You don't need another fancy pill or fancy diet. You can delete your calorie counting app and plan something fun for your Sunday! You just need to understand your hormones and how a fasting lifestyle can not only bring you boundless energy, enhanced brain clarity, incredible sleep, but also effortless weight loss in the process!

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Dr. Mindy Pelz

Super glad that you found me here. I am a woman on a mission to not only teach the world the power of fasting, AND I am on a mission to help women feel empowered in their own skin! I've been helping people for the last 25 years reclaim their health and believe in their own innate healing power.

This book was written for every woman out there looking to be in charge of her healthy destiny.

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